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We work for different industries because 360° sales solutions with well thought-out digitisation strategies are crucial for every growing company. However, we have specific industry knowledge in certain sectors, which makes us experts in these areas. We can therefore support our customers holistically in combination with our many years of sales know-how.

Hero Projects


The founders of ALEX & GROSS have been involved in the industry from the very beginning as “children” of the biggest IT boom phase in the 1980s and 1990s. The first customers were from the IT industry, and even today, the industry is still driving ALEX & GROSS’s innovative strength with new segments such as cloud services.


This industry, which is increasingly being merged with the IT industry, represents a high pace of innovation and go-to-market speed in our view. Since we have been working in this sector for a long time and continue to set benchmarks, we can also derive a lot from the market mechanisms in this industry for other customers.


It is breathtaking what is happening in this industry – the keyword is Industry 4.0: machine-based learning, M2M, AI or blockchain. We are really crazy about it and our affinity to this industry means that the customer segment is growing just as much as the future technologies that the industry is creating. The prospects are exciting.


At first glance, energy suppliers seem to have fallen out of time. But the industry is very interesting: on the one hand, it is a very cut-throat market with the classic core products (electricity, water, gas), and on the other hand it is creating entirely new business areas, services and technologies. This naturally appeals to us.