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ALEX & GROSS was tasked with implementing the marketing activities of Unify’s partners through its partner marketing service, with a focus on lead generation.

Our tasks:

  • Consulting of partners in the areas of digital marketing and lead generation
  • Implementation of campaigns Management of MDF budgets
  • Support for the partners in their administrative processes
  • Regular leaderboard reports and forecasts for the Unify management

The main challenge was to consider the needs of the respective partner when planning the marketing activities and to significantly increase partner performance and partner satisfaction.



ALEX & GROSS developed an independent programme to provide operational and administrative support to Unify and its business partners:

  • Design and development of a partner marketing platform
  • Definition of marketing service packages
  • Partner communication
  • Development of a voucher system for simple MDF planning

ALEX & GROSS was the single point of contact for all administrative enquiries (invoicing, performance records, etc.), was responsible for the MDF budget management and took over the marketing planning and lead generation. In addition to the implementation and monitoring the success, we consistently further developed the Unify partner programme and added new services.

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  • Simplification of administrative processes for partners and manufacturers
  • Increased partner satisfaction
  • Sensible use of marketing budgets in sales support measures
  • Significant increase in channel performance
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