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ALEX & GROSS is your innovative sales specialist with over 25 years of sales know-how and specific industry expertise. We combine telemarketing and digital sales to create holistic 360° solutions that achieve measurable sales success.

Whether strategic consulting, communication planning, inside sales campaigns, performance marketing or web development – we offer our customers a full service from a single source. Both small and medium-sized companies and global players are guaranteed the best sales success.


100% passion for 360° sales solutions

Passion for sales is firmly rooted in our DNA: the founders Andreas Alex and Jochen Gross have 30 years of sales and marketing experience and have specialised with ALEX & GROSS in fully exploiting classic and innovative sales channels for their customers. A wide variety of project volumes and disciplines can be covered due to the international distribution of the company’s locations and the pooling of expertise in four business areas.

With Andreas Alex and Jochen Gross, the company has two full-blooded businessmen at the helm. Both have been working together in a variety of situations for 25 years. In 2020, the former companies of the two businessmen, AXIVAS (CEO Andreas Alex) and AJANDO (CEO Jochen Gross), merged to form ALEX & GROSS. The new company is launching a strategy to offer holistic, fully digitised 360° sales solutions, which is virtually unique in Europe.


established by the result of a merger of the two companies AXIVAS and ajando


employees ensure measurable sales success every day. Without them, nothing happens. We are proud of our team.


locations ALEX & GROSS is represented 6 times in Germany and at 4 other international locations.

Alex CEO

Andreas Alex, born in 1969, is Managing Partner and CEO of the ALEX & GROSS Group. Andreas was CEO of Axivas GmbH for many years and has more than 10 years of experience in the ambitious private equity environment. There is no doubt: he is an economist, sales expert and entrepreneur by passion. The holistic customer understanding and the personal basis always as a natural focus of his actions culminates his entrepreneurship in the establishment of the ALEX & GROSS GmbH alongside his former business partner Jochen Gross.

Gross CEO

Jochen Gross, born in 1974, is also Managing Partner and CEO of the ALEXALEX & GROSS Group. He has already worked with Andreas Alex in the past: both entrepreneurs founded ALEX & GROSS Communications GmbH in 1998. After a few years, Jochen seized the opportunities of digitization and founded the digital agency ajando, which recently merged with the telesales company Axivas and is now part of the ALEX & GROSS Digital GmbH within the ALEX & GROSS Group. Goal-oriented entrepreneurship and enjoyment of digital progress are part of Jochen’s DNA and base for the perspective growth of ALEX & GROSS.


Values, norms and priciples – let’s call it standard.
What gets us going every day? Beyond our passion for digital marketing, we also love people business: our team, colleagues and also the creative vibe and the challenge. Flat hierarchies and creative working are not just slogans which we use in our job postings: we live it authentically every day, throughout every project. This is the only way we get to the finish line time and again.


We place appreciation and respect above all else

Employees at ALEX & GROSS take their responsibility towards the company very seriously and identify with the values of ALEX & GROSS. We maintain an open and valued approach both with customers and with each other. Respect, trust, openness and tolerance form the basis of any cooperation. People with different backgrounds, different talents and different views work at ALEX & GROSS. We are proud of this diversity because it constantly gives us fresh impetus and therefore constitutes an important part of our identity.

We form a team with our customers

We are the ALEX & GROSS family. Every employee – whether an intern or the CEO – contributes to the success of the team by providing positive energy and ideas. Thanks to this team spirit, everyone enjoys working here – we love our jobs and that inspires us all. Our customers notice this and they also see it through the measurable results that we deliver to them. We are individualists, but we create exceptional solutions only as part of the team and our customers are part of this success team.

We are passionate about growth and progress

Innovation is deeply rooted in our DNA. We like to think outside the box and find new solutions in this way. We combine two things and use them to the advantage of our customers: new technologies and new ideas. Both of these do not happen by chance; we work hard to create first-class services and solutions for our customers. We are passionate about this and it is the reason why we get out of bed in the morning. Getting a little better every day – that’s our goal and that’s our approach.

We show greatness by thinking great

Every customer project means a challenge for us to do our best. We don’t enjoy delivering standard solutions, we carefully think about the customer’s goals and don’t settle for the first solution that comes to mind. We think big because our success and the success of our customers depends on our attitude – on the high demands that we place on ourselves. It is only because we demand the seemingly impossible from ourselves that we succeed in achieving the impossible. This means that ALEX & GROSS is always one step ahead towards the future.

Human rights

1. Companies should support and respect the protection of international human rights.
2. Companies should ensure that they are not complicit in human rights violations.

Working standards

  1. Companies should respect the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.
  2. Companies should advocate the elimination of all forms of forced labour.
  3. Companies should promote the abolition of child labour.
  4. Companies should advocate the elimination of discrimination in respect of recruitment and employment.


  1. Companies should follow a precautionary approach when dealing with environmental problems.
  2. Companies should take initiatives to promote greater environmental awareness.
  3. Companies should accelerate the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.

Prevention of corruption

  1. Companies should work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.