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Telefonica 360°

Telefónica was faced with the challenge that on the one hand the customer base was constantly being reduced due to insufficient new activations, but on the other hand the churn figures were very high (migration rate of existing customers). In addition, the sales force focussed heavily on large customers and neglected the smaller ones – this also meant that the loss of sales was relatively high within the scope of contract extensions.

Our task was to develop a sales and marketing concept that could eliminate this imbalance and win over smaller customers in particular with Telefónica’s portfolio through digital lead generation. At the same time, the aim was to get existing customers excited about the extensive product range in order to sustainably reduce the migration rate.



We realised a 360° sales concept for Telefónica that included highly efficient inside sales solutions and digital marketing solutions. In tele-farming, ALEX & GROSS took over the 360° sales support of approximately 180 existing customers in the B2B segment, each with initial monthly sales of up to 250 euros. We have therefore further developed our customer relationship in the long term, which was the most important measure for churn prevention and retention.

We deployed 15 tele-account managers for Telefónica in the inside sales department, one of whom focussed solely on landlines. Our telesales specialists provided advice and sold mobile, landline, M2M and MDM solutions.

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  • Reduction of the churn rate (migration rate) to below 20%
  • Increase of the monthly average revenue per user (ARPU) to over 1 € euro per customer
  • Continuous development of existing customers across the entire Telefónica portfolio
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