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ABB Robotics tasked us with developing and implementing a campaign to generate sales qualified leads (SQLs) for ABB robotic solutions. The target group was small and medium-sized production companies in the German market.

Our tasks:

  • Positioning and awareness of ABB Robotics
  • Building a community (companies and decision-makers)
  • Identification and development of sales potential
  • Lead generation (sales qualified leads)

The special challenges: positioning ABB as a partner for high-tech automation solutions, increasing market presence and building a community.



We used a combination of technology, content marketing, online marketing, telephone-based lead qualification and nurturing. The first step involved performing buyer persona profiling, carrying out an analysis of trend topics in the industry as well as a competitor and SWOT analysis. Then we developed a digital marketing portal – including marketing automation, lead scoring and behaviour-based learning. Content assets were produced for the buyer persona.

Our online marketing mix ensured enhanced reach and the right target group approach. The leads were taken to the highest level of maturity by means of email nurturing and from this we developed sales qualified leads with further sales measures.


  • Generation of sales qualified leads (SQLs)
  • Predicted SQL benchmark (pilot phase) was exceeded
  • Development of a sustainable sales pipeline: leads, opportunities (offers, consulting appointments)
  • Expansion of the sales database
  • Further projects with ABB