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Do you use all the technological capabilities of digital communication? What about demand management, AI and database-driven lead management or GDPR-compliant database management? ALEX & GROSS specialises in creating the right technology base for you so that you can celebrate greater sales success. We use the latest web tools such as marketing automation, email automation or analytics and scoring. This makes real-time tracking of the project progress possible with regular reporting and individual customer dashboards. The data collected can be used to further optimise your project and continuously boost your sales success.

And one more thing: our technical solutions are 100% GDPR-compliant.

Marketing portal

You want a strong sales website, microsite or landing page? We realise web design, content and programming for you based on the latest web technologies– including call-to-actions. Visual imagery and tonality are individually adapted to your company profile and your requirements.

ALEX & GROSS implements digital forms of communication for you to inspire customers and prospects. Use our pioneering marketing portal as a digital speedboat to reach your target groups and conquer new markets. Our marketing portal is the ideal tool for digital lead generation!

Our services:

Web design
Web texts

Marketing automation

Get to know your customers better: we use behaviour-based learning to analyse their digital behaviour and derive the appropriate communication measures from this. A lead scoring system calculates the potential for your business for each visitor to a microsite. This allows for the right message at the right time: translate valuable knowledge about customers and prospects into multi-tiered, intelligent email marketing campaigns.

When communicating with your target group, we ensure maximum individualisation – this ensures an excellent response and conversion rate.

Our services:

Behaviour-based learning
Email marketing automation
Unique customer communication
Lead scoring

Lead management

We support and accompany you in all phases of the lead life cycle. With our lead management solutions, all relevant information about companies, customers and prospects is available to you at any time – compact and concise. Leads are easily and securely forwarded to sales managers or business partners so that you always have full control over the entire process.

We create the technology base for you so that you can take full advantage of all digital sales opportunities and generate and develop leads to ultimately attract customers – completely automatically.

Our services:

Lead generation
Lead development
Lead nurturing
Lead qualification



As genuine sales people, we love transparent data and facts. That is the prerequisite for sales success and only in this way will your success be measurable. Our regular reporting enables you to track your project progress in real time. You always have an eye on performance and can continuously optimise your project. With an individual analytics dashboard, key figures and KPIs are presented visually and transparently. Data from various sources (marketing automation, Google Analytics, etc.) is displayed in graphs and tables.

Our services:

 Performance monitoring
Analytics dashboard
Key figure and KPI visualisation


The latest methods and tools, such as AI and MBL, are the key technologies used for our analytics. This is the start of data-driven lead generation. What exactly happens? These technologies allow us to read public data, such as customer movement data (digital footprint), and we use this as a basis to create exact target group profiles and identify your buyer persona. Algorithm-based blending also then enables our sales specialists to cater precisely for your most relevant target customers.

Our services:

Behavior Based Learning
AI- & Database-driven Leadmanagement
Lead Scoring

Other Services

Develop the best sales concept

We advise you on all marketing and sales channels and create a strategic sourcing concept to optimise your entire value chain.

Create the ideal customer journey

We develop websites, landing pages and other content for you and use social media or remarketing – digital lead generation ensures measurable sales success.

Develop customers systematically

Our sales experts take over the classic telemarketing and support you throughout your sales process – from lead generation to sales success.