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What happens when classic sales solutions get digital support? ALEX & GROSS thereby creates real 360° sales solutions, which bring about one result in particular: more sales.

With our many years of experience in telesales and digital marketing, we develop powerful solutions that we customise according to our clients’ sales targets. Each solution takes advantage of innovative digital opportunities, which identify completely new sales potentials in today’s digital world. Leverage our hybrid sales expertise. You can use ALEX & GROSS innovative solutions as individual modules or decide to fully outsource your marketing needs.

Customer acquisition

How do you manage to turn leads into customers? Our inside sales experts will find out everything about your potential target group to develop leads into new customers. However, you can also acquire new customers the digital way: for enterprises such as KWS or E.ON, ALEX & GROSS markets their products using targeted digital advertising to ensure orders via their websites. Today, there are more sales opportunities than most companies are aware of. ALEX & GROSS carefully analyses which options you are already using and where there is hidden sales potential. For instance, have you ever considered account-based marketing to acquire new customers? Or the fact that with the use of clever marketing activities you can retarget existing customers again and again?

Cross-selling and up-selling campaigns

Customer acquisition means more than just winning new customers and generating leads. Have you ever thought about or even measured how much you can increase your sales using cross-selling or up-selling? It’s a lot, and there are figures to prove it. Cross-selling and up-selling significantly boosts your sales success simply through your existing customers.

Retain customers, increase sales success

ALEX & GROSS takes care of continuously providing your existing customers with new offerings and exclusive information—by phone, newsletters or via social media. Customer care is a matter of strategy, and one that you can plan and implement in a targeted manner—getting in touch with us will be your first step to ensuring increased sales!

Winning customers and retaining them for the long term—that’s what you get from ALEX & GROSS in a single source:

  • Strategies for acquiring new customers, by combining digital technology and telesales
  • 360° customer care, from the first digital touchpoint to after-sales activities
  • Management of existing customers through cross-selling and up-selling


Account-based marketing

Catch the big fish!

Account-based marketing is an efficient B2B marketing method to generate valuable leads. In the process, we’ll target key accounts using select marketing activities and customised content, making lead generation much more efficient while avoiding divergence losses.

Targeted lead generation using key account marketing

First, we’ll research in business networks, databases and online search engines to identify your target companies and their relevant contacts. Once we have identified the big fish, we’ll grade the potential and qualify the lead. Then we’ll drop the bait: tasty content—a customised range of digital information on websites, microsites and landing pages. Following on from the first touchpoints in different channels, we’ll define further activities and use a mix of digital marketing and telesales in lead management.

The result: you won’t fish in murky waters when acquiring new B2B customers, you’ll target the big fish and can fully exploit the potential of modern lead generation.

  • Ideal for niche markets
  • Focus on “named accounts”
  • Customer-centric marketing

In contrast to classic dialogue marketing, account-based marketing is particularly suited for small niche markets. The more segmented the market, the more targeted its address needs to be. If you are trading in a demanding niche market, account-based marketing by ALEX & GROSS will offer you the best solution to address business decision-makers in a targeted manner and to generate leads.


Data management

Efficient marketing depends on collecting as much data about your target group as possible, to qualify and then enhance it. To collect data, ALEX & GROSS will start by using a double opt-in procedure with legal certainty to get the interested party’s consent for further touchpoints. Consistent consent management is second nature to us. We use the acquired user data diligently, analyse them with dedicated tools and provide them for lead management. Of course we’ll take into account all the statutory regulations, such as a full data protection briefing.

Clever data management—customised marketing

Our aim is to get the most exact user profile of, e.g., a website visitor, and then to use meaningful content to create enthusiasm for an offering. In this process of data generation and qualification, we’ll use intelligent marketing automation, lead scoring and analytics. Using AI- and database-driven lead management, we’ll generate the relevant data for you, such as:

  • Digital footprint
  • Content interests (downloads, access)
  • Transaction data from online shops
  • Socio-demographic data (age, sex, place of residence, job, etc.)

We use behaviour-based learning to analyse their usage behaviour and derive suitable marketing activities from this. The more you know about your target group, the more leads you will be able to devise and develop. Use our technological capabilities and unique digital expertise in these areas:

  • Data qualification
  • Data enhancement
  • Opt-in generation

These building blocks provide you with intelligent, 100% GDPR-compliant data management, guaranteeing you the best sales success.


Partner Marketing Services

Fully unlock indirect sales potential

ALEX & GROSS’ partner marketing services are the perfect solution for manufacturers with indirect sales to monitor and boost their partners’ sales activities. Our dedicated channel development programme has been tailored to the needs of manufacturers and their business partners. We’ll manage partner marketing activities for you and advise your partners when planning and implementing sales-driving marketing activities: our services encompass a broad spectrum of marketing activities and have inherently been designed to generate leads and acquire new customers.

Find and activate partners

As a manufacturer, you delight your sales partners with your product, while we support your partners with efficient marketing tools—a savvy strategy to maximise your sales success. Because by perfectly integrating congenial sales partners with your sales strategies and “courting” them with ALEX & GROSS’ partner marketing services, you can activate an enormous indirect sales potential.

Use this extraordinary win-win situation for manufacturers and sales partners to benefit from special advantages for the long term:

  • Enhance your business partners’ performance
  • Increase partner loyalty and satisfaction
  • Implement and monitor the success of partner marketing activities
  • Sensibly use your marketing budget through your partners
  • Get management reports and forecasts



More visibility for your offering

If you want to boost your sales success, you need to make potential customers aware of your products and services. No mean feat in times where the average attention span is just a few seconds long, due to an information overload. That’s as good a reason as any to leverage digital technologies and present content that is perfectly tailored to your target group. This will create your first touchpoint—and then all you have to do is delight and win over your potential customer. ALEX & GROSS’ will do that for you.

Delighting customers

We’ll analyse very carefully what your target group looks like and what inspires it. We’ll create a profile of your buyer persona, e.g., by using behaviour-based learning as part of marketing automation to collect data from your target group. In a next step we’ll choose the right communication channels and tools to address your target group. We’ll provide valuable information, and our creative campaigns will also touch a nerve with your customers.

Using websites, microsites, landing pages and, naturally, social media, ALEX & GROSS’ will build a steadily growing community for you—your foundation for more sales. It’s critical to leverage all of our services in order to maximise awareness for you: telesales, digital marketing tools and AI technologies. We’ll continuously engage with your followers to expand your reach and grow your network—creating awareness with measurable sales success.


Lead management

Identify potential, generate leads

To effectively generate and develop leads along with achieving measurable sales success, we use digital technologies and/or inside sales or embrace a hybrid strategy cleverly combining both concepts. First, we’ll identify your target group’s potential and the right contacts. A perfect method for this is technological behaviour-based learning. This is followed by AI- and database-driven lead management, supported by classic telesales, if needed. ALEX & GROSS’ engages with your potential customers.

Lead nurturing—develop customers systematically

By continuously providing your potential customers with the right content and staying in touch with them, we’ll persistently evolve your leads. Our consultants and sales experts have a keen sense for what customers need and how you can win them over. Therefore, leads that we consistently follow using periodic follow-ups become more and more valuable. The human experience of our telesales experts plays as important a role in this as does the technical support provided by our AI- and database-driven lead management.

360° lead management

We support and accompany you through all the stages of your lead life cycle. With our comprehensive lead management solution, all relevant information about customers and prospects is available to you at any time—pooled and concise. Leads are easily and securely forwarded to sales managers or business partners so that you always have full control over the entire process.