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What happens when classic sales solutions get digital support? ALEX & GROSS thereby creates real 360° sales solutions, which bring about one result in particular: more sales.

With our many years of experience in telemarketing and digital marketing, we develop powerful solutions that we use individually according to our customers’ sales targets. Each solution takes advantage of innovative digital opportunities, which identify completely new sales potential in today’s digital world. Take advantage of our hybrid sales know-how and innovative solutions to meet your sales goals.

Tele sales

Classic sales solution and modern strategies

We sell for you over the telephone and also use digital analysis and automation options in the process. Experienced telesales specialists handle a wide range of disciplines: customer acquisition, cross-selling and upselling to existing customers, tele-hunting, tele-farming, retention, renewals, after-sales or winback. To do this, we use the latest tools and the right processes.

Telemarketing with digital support

ALEX & GROSS has the necessary digital competence to exploit all possibilities through fully integrated digital components and to make classic telesales even more effective.

We do not need to prove ourselves to you because our success in B2B telesales and international marketing are measurable. We regularly provide you with transparent reports with meaningful analytics. In other words, we take responsibility for your sales goals and get on with the task with the necessary passion.

Account Based Marketing

Catch the big fish!

Account-based marketing is an effective method in B2B marketing to generate promising leads. We target your key accounts with selected marketing activities and personalised content. Lead generation becomes much more efficient and scatter losses are avoided.

Key account marketing for targeted lead generation
Firstly, we identify your target companies with the relevant contacts and conduct research in business networks, databases and online search engines. Once we have identified the big fish, we grade the potential and qualify the lead. Then we drop the bait: tasty content – a customised range of digital information on websites, microsites and landing pages. Following on from the first touchpoints in different channels, we define further measures and use a communication mix of digital marketing and telesales in lead nurturing and lead development.

The result: you don’t fish in murky waters when acquiring B2B customers, you target the big fish and can fully exploit the potential of modern lead generation.

Channel Development

Find & activate the right partners

ALEX & GROSS supports manufacturers in managing their channel marketing activities. Our channel development program is individually tailored to the requirements of manufacturers and their business partners. We not only support your channel with administrative processes, but also in planning and implementing sales-promoting marketing activities.

What does our channel development program include?

ALEX & GROSS looks after your partners from the planning to the implementation of full-service marketing campaigns and demand-gen programs.

  • Partner enablement
  • Campaign conception and implementation
  • Reporting
  • Web design and development
  • Lead & demand generation

What are the main advantages for your company?

  • Implementation and monitoring of the partner’s marketing measurement success
  • Management reports and forecasts
  • Sensible use of the channel’s marketing budget
  • Performance increase of the channel
  • Increase in partner satisfaction and loyalty

Performance marketing

Our goal is to ensure the best possible performance of your digital sales platforms. We use the entire spectrum of online marketing and choose the right digital channels and technologies to achieve a high reach and conversion rate:

Data-driven marketing

We love data – this way we acquire greater knowledge about your target group. Data-driven marketing takes your digital marketing to a new level: the customer experience is improved and campaigns can be targeted to your customers.

SEO and SEA – search engine optimization

We create keyword analyses and use optimised content to build organic visibility for your business and products and get your company ready to be found by search engines.

Social media marketing

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter: with focussed targeting, we create touchpoints for the buyer personas – in B2B and B2C sectors.

Native advertising

Newsletter advertisements, banner placements or advertorials in specialised media ensure awareness. We produce the content for this at the same time.


When visitors have shown interest in a product, we draw their attention to it again and lead them back to your website through retargeting.