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Vodafone - Staying connected

Following the takeover by Vodafone, Unitymedia GmbH initially faced the problem that ongoing customer projects could not be continued and some were cancelled. Existing customers were holding back with new orders and the acquisition of new customers came to a halt. Our task was to reactivate existing customers on the one hand and to help the company with more new customer projects through lead generation on the other hand.



We created a targeted sales concept for the customer, which was entirely focussed on outbound telephony. A team specifically selected for Unitymedia sold existing customers an upsell package at a business customer rate. At the same time, we took over cold customer acquisition through the telesales team and were able to generate comprehensive sales results very successfully through this channel. We have expanded our professional sales team from 3 employees to 50 tele-account managers within 2½ years.

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  • An above-average goal achievement of more than 100% – the average of competitors is sometimes < 80%
  • The cancellation rate could be reduced from 12% to below 10%
  • We have been the lead sales agency for Vodafone since April 2020
  • In fiscal year 2020/2021, we expect the Vodafone sales generated by ALEX & GROSS to multiply
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