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IBM was looking for a partner to place IBM solutions in a sales campaign specifically for small and medium-sized companies – both new customers and existing customers were to be targeted. The challenge for IBM was that the company’s solutions are also considered to be expensive because of their known high quality, which is why the solutions are often considered not to be suitable for small and medium-sized companies.
The objective for ALEX & GROSS was now to target small and medium-sized companies and convince them of the added value offered by IBM solutions – the aim was for us to create a strong position for the small and medium-sized business solutions and thus targeted lead generation.



We placed several digital promotional campaigns in order to make the IBM entry-level solutions especially appealing to small and medium-sized companies. On this basis, we were able to trigger the generation of leads for different IBM products and develop qualified leads across multiple digital channels and media that lead to sales success.

At the same time, we contacted up to 10 departments in individual small and medium-sized companies within the scope of the telesales measures in order to accelerate the acquisition of customers.


• Establishment of an incremental pipeline
• Lead rates of up to 20% have been achieved
• Companies contacted use the IBM solutions and services in different departments across all industries
• Increased awareness of the attractive prices for IBM solutions in the target group of small and medium-sized companies