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E.ON Highspeed tasked ALEX & GROSS with developing and implementing a sales concept for the acquisition of B2C customers. At the same time, the aim was to achieve more online sales with existing customers. The aim was therefore to improve the customer experience and increase awareness of the E.ON Highspeed brand among the B2C target group in a highly competitive market. We had the following specific tasks:

  • Conception of the digital sales and marketing strategy
  • Development of the website with an availability check function and a digital ordering route
  • Development of a digital portal for sales partners to promote e.on Highspeed nationwide and to expand the scope of action



ALEX & GROSS developed a strategy for digital market approach using the following methods and tools:

  • Buyer persona profiling
  • Analysis of trend topics in the industry
  • Competitor and SWOT analysis

On this basis we were able to create a campaign concept and implement the marketing portal as well as a sales partner portal. Freely accessible content assets were produced in order to create awareness and trust. We improved the customer experience with an ever-growing FAQ section, a newsletter and cross-channel customer communication.

Additional support involved us using target group-specific social media strategies, performance marketing and lead nurturing to acquire customers.


  • Generation of orders through the website and a successful increase in sales for the E.ON Highspeed product range
  • Connecting the sales partners to the digital platform (sales partner portal)
  • 100% measurability of all measures and activities
  • Further development of the web portal to create the most successful sales channel in digital customer acquisition for E.ON Highspeed