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Performance marketing: generate high-quality leads with the right marketing approach

Social media, SEO and content marketing – B2B companies have recognised the potential of digital sales measures. Almost 80 percent of companies are now represented on Facebook, LinkedIn and other channels. However, they lack the necessary strategy to achieve sustainable success with appropriate campaigns: 65 percent have not yet developed a holistic approach that controls their digital marketing concepts. In particular, when working with business partners, manufacturers are at risk of wasting valuable resources in the oversupply of marketing trends and wasting expensive budgets due to a lack of metrics. This is precisely where performance marketing comes into play: it helps you find the right marketing approach for you – and therefore generate tangible leads and measurable success.

Generating measurable success

Marketing measures are not an end in themselves, but pursue a specific goal: to generate high-quality leads and then convert them into high-turnover customers. However, it is often difficult for companies to precisely quantify campaign success in digital marketing. The main reason for this is a lack of know-how. For example, not even one in two people in industry has digital expertise. Performance marketing therefore initially defines goals as precisely as possible. They are the basis for selecting the right marketing measures.

With performance marketing, companies – or their business partners – target potential customers as individually as possible on a wide range of channels. They try to achieve a direct response or interaction. They ensure maximum transparency at every point of contact. This is the only way to understand the effectiveness of the individual marketing tools.

The four success factors of performance marketing

Performance marketing campaigns are modular, optimally networked, flexibly adaptable and can be measured at any time:

  • The modular structure makes it possible to break down the campaign into individual components that can be accounted for and/or evaluated individually.
  • The individual measures are mutually dependent on each other so, for example, growing brand awareness is reflected in rising click rates.
  • The campaign modules are always closely monitored. Depending on how well individual parameters work, they can be adapted at short notice – for example, with new content or a longer runtime.
  • How does the target group react to the different building blocks of a marketing measure? The answer must be as clear and, above all, as prompt as possible. This requires maximum transparency and permanent monitoring of the relevant key figures.

ALEX & GROSS – your partner for successful performance marketing

The marketing and digitisation experts at ALEX & GROSS support you and your business partners in all phases of the sales process and ensure measurable success at the various levels: administrative, consulting and operational. The focus here:

  • Regulation of the partners by continuously demanding feedback, results and transparency;
  • Communication with the partners through continuous information and constructive feedback; and
  • Implementation of innovative concepts by enabling partners to learn about effective sales and marketing methods and convince themselves of their potential for success