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A&G Spain / Barcelona

By establishing our independent subsidiary of ALEX & GROSS Spain in Barcelona, our company continues to grow and create new local jobs in the digital and IT industry in one of the strongest economies in Europe. The Barcelona metropolitan region is the second largest economic center in Spain after Madrid and continues to establish itself as one of the most advanced in Southern Europe.

Since 2011, our ALEX & GROSS tele-services have been operating with great success in the vibrant city by the Mediterranean Sea. Our local team works closely with key clients, such as SAP SE, the world’s third largest software company. Our international on-site ALEX & GROSS team manages around 30 customer projects in countries across the EMEA region.

With the opening of the new subsidiary of ALEX & GROSS Spain, we are expanding our service portfolio. Thus, our beautiful office, located directly on the waterfront of the port city, will from now on serve as a multiservice hub, offering digital and IT services in addition to the current tele-services.

The step to launch ALEX & GROSS Spain as a separate subsidiary not only creates further growth opportunities for the ALEX & GROSS Group, but also offers a great chance to find new professional talents. In Catalonia and the Barcelona metropolitan region, the number of companies in the information and communication technology sector has increased by 17% since 2016. Based on this, Barcelona is the perfect location for our subsidiary and offers a strong professional pool of skilled professionals.

As an official legal entity, now with an expanded service portfolio, the attractiveness of ALEX & GROSS as a regional employer increases significantly. Furthermore, we offer new employees opportunities for the future and contribute to the further economic development of the region, where the future clearly belongs to the digital sector.