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Marketing services: operational support for your partners

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Manufacturers and their partners are pursuing the same fundamental goal: the generation of sales. But in practice, interests often differ widely: lack of communication and transparency often lead to conflicts. Great administrative effort on the part of the partner leads to additional frustration. In addition, there is often a lack of marketing knowledge to handle generated leads professionally and convert them into signed contracts. But there is a way out of this dilemma: a partner marketing service actively supports the implementation of digital campaigns – from the conception and planning to the successful realisation.

What is a partner marketing service?

Partners need active support in order to consistently implement sales and marketing concepts – in all phases of the campaign. With a partner marketing service, they have access to tried-and-tested tools and modules that enable them to successfully realise planned projects. Measurable results contribute to maximum transparency and traceability. At the same time, they receive significant support with their often resource-intensive administrative challenges. This applies to the budget application as well as to accounting or the creation of performance records.

In addition to operational and administrative support, however, another pillar is required to turn the partner into a high performer in the long term: consultative support. This requires continuous communication in the form of useful information, constructive feedback and results monitoring.

What resources are needed for this?

Partners need active support to reach end customers. But manufacturers lack the resources to provide the support they need on an ongoing basis. Successful collaboration is therefore best achieved with the help of a neutral service provider who

  • Reconciles different interests;
  • Increases partner satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Improves the partners’ sales and performance; and
  • Simplifies the processes for all the parties involved.

This is exactly what ALEX & GROSS does: with its services, the sales agency precisely reaches the two main target groups of manufacturers – business partners and end customers – without the companies having to deploy their own employees. In fact, ALEX & GROSS provides all the services itself with its own personnel. Coupled with decades of experience in direct sales and in-channel management, the certified marketing specialist will confidently guide you and your partners to sales success.

How is this implemented in practice?

The implementation in practice is carried out in four different areas – depending on the requirements:

  1. Consulting | The analysis of target markets, customer needs and the competitive situation marks the start of successful marketing campaigns and is the prelude to developing effective sales measures.
  2. Content | The analysis of the buyer persona and the customer journey form the basis for a communication strategy that delivers high-quality content to your target group, thus contributing to greater reach and stronger brand loyalty.
  3. Demand generation | The purpose of B2B marketing is to raise awareness among the target group and generate leads. The best way to achieve this is to check each individual customer contact for its (sales) potential, assess individual needs and define specific actions to be taken based on this.
  4. Technology | Modern IT helps to put in place digital marketing measures and implement them in accordance with the data protection regulations. You can reach your potential customers via your own homepage or a marketing portal and analyse data-based visitor behaviour in order to target them specifically.

ALEX & GROSS offers high-performance services in all these disciplines – and not only supports you in meeting your marketing goals as required, but also explicitly guarantees the results achieved. This is how successful partner marketing works!