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Competent advice is a bit different to conjuring up preconceived standard solutions – quite the contrary: we address your individual business situation. We analyse your target markets, the needs of your customers and the activities of your competitors and put your marketing and sales measures to the test: What is the current situation? Where is the optimisation potential? With the results of this analysis, we develop a detailed and comprehensive sales and marketing strategy for you: we provide you with a sales concept in which we combine our efficient 360° sales solutions with the right sales channels for you.



We check the current state of your company, identify optimisation potential and demonstrate solutions. To do this, we analyse your company’s “eco-system” and provide valuable market insights: How do you position yourself and how are you perceived in the market? What do the target groups and target markets look like? Who are the buyer personas, what does your customer journey look like and how are your competitors positioned?

We analyse all of this in order to develop the right sales and marketing strategy for you from this information.

Our services:

Target market analyses
Buyer persona profiling
Competitor analysis
Content whitespace screening


The results of all the analyses and research are reflected in the sales and marketing strategy that we develop for you. We use our dynamic algorithm-based best practice database to develop suitable project methodology for your individual requirements. Finally, we derive the “blueprint” for your sustainable sales success with measurable results – including a budget calculation and ROI calculation.

On this basis, we develop individual content and campaign strategies that generate the greatest possible reach – we provide you with a detailed strategy concept that is suitable for your sales goals.

Our services:

Campaign development
Go-to-market concept
Calculation (budget, ROI)


Other Services


Innovative technologies and tools such as marketing automation create a valid data base for marketing and sales activities – the prerequisite for continuous growth.

Create the ideal customer journey

We develop websites, landing pages and other content for you and use social media or remarketing – digital lead generation ensures measurable sales success.

Develop customers systematically

Our sales experts take over the classic telemarketing and support you throughout your sales process – from lead generation to sales success.